Art and Adaptation to Technology

Each year, technology advances immensely. Just like every other field, art has further grown in order to incorporate itself into the rapidly developing cyberspace. It is important to create a well designed and accessible portfolio because it  becomes much easier to access and present to others as it is free to view for all, instead of referring to hardcopies as there can only be one original copy of an artwork. The porfolio must not only be visually apealing, but also well organized and sophisticated to attract a viewer’s attention. Safety can be achieved during this by limiting the amount of personal information disclosed on the platform. Also, it is important to be able to provide something unique to attract a diverse audience. Having a polished theme to the website also benefits in giving the illusion of proffesionalism. Digital portfolios are an advacement that benefits many artists and art admirers as it is a convinient source to access works.


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