From an Idea to an Artwork

My message for this semester’s body of work is chaos caused due to a bad leader that leads to severe consequences. I began with brainstorming all i knew about the idea of chaos, leaders, and consequences.

The first concept that comes to mind regarding chaos is the cause, such as a bad leader, no leader, or mistakes. Then what occurs due to the cause, such as war, panic, violence, etc. I believe chaos to have a situation that creates dilemma, most likely due to a leader that has the wrong intentions.

IMG_3749 (2)
Brainstorming of ideas about chaos, personal perspective.

Every thumbnail has the common idea of havoc caused due to a bad leader. These ideas all include the idea of a bad leader that leads them to death and destruction, or no one to guide the people to safety during the times of distress.

The idea that seemed the most significant was the one with the earth, in which the leader would not allow anything to cross the fences to help with the disasters, or allow anyone to leave. This thumbnail means that there is a barrier that is created due to the leader, that leaves the people helpless as the leader has everything under their control.



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