Vivian Maier-The Artist of the ’90s

Vivian Maier, the photographer that took over 100,000 photographs throughout her lifetime.  Her photography is considered art as it is very well developed, inspiring, and consists of many types of body of works. Although many may argue that she is not an artist due to their own criteria, Vivian consistently demonstrates originality and passion with each of her photos.

Her photographs can be considered well developed as her close acquaintances and friends argue that she was consistently planning her photos, carrying her camera around, and had the initiative to travel and photograph anything that caught her eye. After the first discovery of her work by John Maloof, he held an exhibition with her photographs. This exhibition was inspirational as it had one of the largest turnouts at the museum. Also, her work consisted of many body of works, such as her self-portrait samples below. Every photograph below has some sort of reflection, and her face and/or shadow.

Vivian is a very sophisticated and original artist. She proves to be much more than just a photograph hoarder by her well developed work, inspirational photos, and her varying body of works.

Finding Vivian Maier- Official Movie Trailer


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