The Importance of Art Criticism and History

Art is one of the things that has the potential to capture the essence of a different century. Looking at art from the past can show the cultures from that era, it can hold symbols, colors, and materials that could be arranged to ultimately create a message. Understanding the history of art is important as an artist, as it provides the bases on how to improve. Many of the most effective and famous artists and artworks are historical; these can help with becoming a better artist as the artworks provide a better understanding of themes and messages. Every artwork holds a message such as religion, war, and events, and artists can use these works to understand how to manipulate elements and principles of design to display themes as is done in the art.

An art historian would try to understand the meanings shown of the past, while an art critic would analyze the depth and design aspect of the art. These differ as an art historian is more concerned with the olden days and what could be depicted of an artwork in relations to the past. However, an art critic is more concerned with the design qualities, such as principles and elements of design, literal qualities, expressive qualities, and the theories of art. Art historians target educators, consumers, and other historians, whiile an art critic would target buyers, other artists, exhibitions, and possibly art teachers. The history of art would affect my theme and artworks, as my theme is chaos. History affects my theme because throughout history, various leaders have led their nation to danger and destruction.


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