Connecting to Other Artists

Chaos is a theme displayed in artwork all around the world. Some artists that are related to my body of work are Thomas Cole, Doris Salcedo, and Ai WeiWei. These artists display this theme in varying ways.

Thomas Cole displays the theme similar to mine as he displays the idea of mankind causing their own destruction. This is relatable to my body of work as my message is a bad leader causing the destruction of a nation. Although the messages are similar, his artwork is not very accurate in describing my message. He is inspired by the war and destruction that humans have put themselves under, and also tries to use his series of work as a warning that people may end up repeating the cycle of peace, war, and devastation- if they are not cautious. I find his use of nature and human interference as an inspiration to incorporate these elements into my next work, also, I find the idea of a series for an artwork a very interesting way to show the method of cause and effect.

Doris Salcedo and Ai WeiWei use similar ideas to represent this theme. They relate the most to my previous work, as they both use symbolism to represent innocent people getting caught between war due to bad leaders and decisions. Although these artists relate more to me, they still differ as they use simpler items to allow people to interpret their art in their own way. These artists both strive to bring awareness to corruption and the effect it has on the innocent people, they use the simple items to represent the victims. The works created by the artists serve as a great inspiration to me as they incorporate historical events and an important message by manipulating a single object into a large masterpiece.

My artwork has value as I intend to incorporate my own perspective into the body of work, making it unique from other works with a similar theme. Art history increases my understanding in using symbolism, referencing historical events, and using multiple pieces to show a greater message.


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