Types of Exhibition Spaces

There are many types of exhibition spaces that are available for artists. Some of them include public art galleries, museums, commercial galleries, artist-run centres, studio galleries, rental galleries, and other alternative exhibition spaces. A public art gallery would be used to display and sell art to consumers, usually, it is open to the public and allows anyone to purchase the artworks. Museums document important achievements throughout art history, these artworks may be for sale. A commercial gallery is for profit and contains contemporary artwork. An artist-run centre is operated by the artist themselves. Studio galleries contain a studio and a gallery, while a rental gallery allows an artist to rent an area for the purpose of selling and displaying art. Also, alternative exhibition spaces are generally smaller and less varying, however, it is easier to display art in these areas.

I believe that the most suitable exhibition space for my artwork would be an alternative exhibition space. This is because my body of work is still developing and needs critical artist feedback to improve and further develop my skills. Also, this exhibition type would make it easier for me to start displaying my art as this gallery space is smaller and easier to obtain. This would be the most convenient in gaining experience and some popularity in the artist community.



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