Obliterate the Earth

FullSizeRender (2)
“Obliterate the Earth”, 2017 (Silk-Screen/Ink)

Art Statement

Obliterate the Earth

Mahak Naz

Screen Printing Ink


A leader is what depicts the fate of a nation. Throughout generations and

centuries, there have been many prime examples of chaos and destruction. It still

occurs today. Although many try to prevent this, there seems to be one common

mistake in these situations, and this is the ruler. The artwork is the beginning of a body

of work, revolving around the theme of chaos and the common cause: the person in

charge. My work is meant to bring awareness to how a leader can cause the failure of a

society and ultimately lead it to obliteration. The theme of chaos is shown in my artwork

as the Earth is on fire, encased in a cage, and a king sitting on top of it all. This is meant

to represent the negative and destructive impacts of a bad leader: the chaos is roaring

within, but nothing can escape or enter and save everything and everyone.

The artwork consists of various components. The Earth represents growth, life of

all beings and creatures, and humanity. The fire is means destruction and fury; the

yellow represents caution and danger, the orange represents distrust and deceit, and

the red represents rage and disloyalty. This is meant to describe the feelings of

humans, created due to their leader failing to do their job. The Earth on fire is also

meant to represent the end to peace and happiness, and the beginning of war and

violence. Also, the cage surrounding the Earth and fire means that everyone is stuck in

destruction, while the leader is sitting on top watching over them and not allowing

anything or anyone to come in, and save them.

My artwork describes the cruelty and commotion that can arise by the means of a

detrimental leader. A king controls and orchestrates everything that occurs in the planet,

encapturing it in the midst of its demolition, not allowing anything to come in and help it

heal. This piece contains various meaningful elements for the purpose of coming

together to create a work revolving around the idea of chaos caused because of a

corrupt leader.


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