The Road to Freedom

FullSizeRender (1)
“The Road to Freedom”, 2017 (Acrylic)

Artist Statement

The Road to Freedom

Mahak Naz




The fate of people is entirely dependant upon their leader. This is a constant situation shown throughout almost every country’s history, and will still continue to be true to this day. A country’s citizens follow under the impressions that someone else has put for them, however, the wrong impressions would lead to dangerous consequences. This is shown in my artwork, the theme of chaos and the cause is the ruler’s actions. The painting is a continuation of my body of work, however, this artwork contains more symbolism. The painting shows a white horse running down a road, but is being engulfed by a dust storm. This is meant to represent the negative impacts that innocent people face due to an ill-mannered leader.

In the painting, the main component is the horse. It is white, as this colour is usually interpreted to represent purity. The horse represents the freedom and liveliness of innocent people. The dust represents the ruler that orchestrates the lives of it’s people. The horse is running to show that it is trying to escape from the misery and destruction that is caused by the leader, however, it is still slowly being engulfed by the storm, as no matter how hard they try they cannot escape. This is shown by the horse being almost run over by the storm. The dust storm is also meant to show the power that the ruler has over the people as a storm is uncontrollable or preventable by humans.

My artwork is meant to show the efforts that the innocent put in, to try and escape the destruction and chaos, that their leader has put them into. The dust is wild and uncontrollable and destroys all that is in its path, capturing people into the midst of chaos, making it very difficult for people to get away. The painting contains these symbolic elements to provide emphasis on the theme of chaos, and the destruction it causes due to the ruler.


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